The best regimen for a healthy hair journey is to keep it simple! Well weve done that for you. This simple Combo Pack contains Clarifying Shampoo, The Whipp, Moisture mist, and the Wax. This simple combo Pack will give you everything you need from the basics of our Holistic starter collection!

Combo Pack

  • Becase we love our customers we are able to build a combination of your desires. We can buil in travel size or regular sizes or even a combination of sizes, prices varies depending on product and size. Send email for custom orders. Our goal is to provide the best all natural product for the healthiest hair possible. Storage depends on product in package. If irritaiton occurs discontinue use immediately. 

  • NO REFUNDS just product replacement for equal or lesser value. If completion of product and you desire more, if you send the container back you'll receive 15% discount towards your next purchas once we receive the container.

    Store product preferably in the refridgerator or cool environment. If not keep out of high heat and humid places. This product is made with all natural products and can fermit, if fermation happens feel free to send back if product is more than half way full and we will replace like for like you are responsible for shipping.