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Pure African Black Soap shampoo is sulfate free shampoo and based with purified water. The black soap not only clarifies but it moisturizes. We use Aloe Vera to heal and maintain the health of your scalp. Other properties pull and release toxins from the hair and the scalp creating the perfect environment for healthy scalp and perfect condition to start beautiful hair growth. Ingredients: Pure African black soap, Aloe vera juice, Silk protein, Glycerin, Lemon Essential Oil, Castile soap, and Distilled Water. 

The Black Soap Shampoo

  • Our clarifier will give sqeeky clean without completely stripping oils from hair. We use African black soap for its moisturizing abilities. It will remove build up and moisturize at the same time. Your hair will be clean, moisurized and soft. DO NOT store where it can develope condensation. Throw out if product starts to fermentate or mold. DISCONTINUE USE IF DOES SO.

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