A little goes a long way! To continue with promoting healthy scalp and hair this product can be used in many different ways! Made with local pure bees wax, whipp, coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil to eliminate frizz if used as edge control, a wave promoter for low cut on men, and a style holder. Some even use when flat ironing ( We are not big on heat useage, may cause irreversible heat damage unless done safely). For maximum hold apply prior to flax seed gel.To use place a small amount in between the palms of your hands. Rub together. The more you rub the thinner the product will become. To Use: Apply to hair as a finisher to reduce friz, a holding agent for braiding styles, or how ever pleases you.Use conditioner to remove.

The Wax

  • When using the wax its best to clarify with our Black soap shampoo every 2 weeks if used daily or if build up occurs. To remove use a conditioner first as a co-wash to break down its properties then shampoo wit our black soap shampoo. To best apply rub a small amount between palms to warm and thin out this product for better applicatioon if using for styling. If using our Flax seed gel, apply wax prior to gel for stronger hold.  Wax should be stored in a dark dry cabinet or refridgerated to prolong quality. DO NOT store where it can melt or develope condensation. Throw out or send back of product starts to fermentate, seperate or mold. DISCONTINUE USE IF DOES SO.

  • NO REFUNDS just product replacement for equal or lesser value. If completion of product and you desire more, if you send the container back you'll receive 15% discount towards your next purchas once we receive the container.

    Store product preferably in the refridgerator or cool environment. If not keep out of high heat and humid places. This product is made with all natural products and can fermit, if fermation happens feel free to send back if product is more than half way full and we will replace like for like you are responsible for shipping.